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Ms. Steinberg believes all students are bright, have multiple intelligences, and tremendous potential to realize their dreams.  She is committed to teaching students evidence based strategies that inspire life long learning.  Ms. Steinberg works collaboratively with parents, students, teachers and specialists to create optimal individual lessons and extended learning opportunities.

Rochelle Steinberg is an IDA-CERI (International Dyslexia Association-The Center for Effective Reading Instruction) certified Dyslexia Practitioner, learning specialist, special needs teacher, and OG tutor for students of all abilities and learning styles: children with dyslexia, reading and writing needs, executive functioning, ADD, ADHD, communication disorder, second language learners, and gifted students.

Ms. Steinberg holds a masters degree in education from Wheelock College. She received the Wheelock Community Award for her contributions to the well being of children and families. Her teaching sessions are evidence based, multi-sensory, (auditory, visual, kinesthetic and tactile) sequential and cumulative. As students learn new information, they continue to review previously learned material to the level of fluency.

Ms. Steinberg develops Orton-Gillingham and structured literacy lessons for students based on their individual learning style and interests. Students experience success as they increase their skills and self-confidence from their accomplishments. Learning becomes an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Ms. Steinberg teaches reading, comprehension, writing, organization, study skills and test preparation. In addition, Ms. Steinberg works with parents who want their children to perform at their highest potential for school, homework, writing and test taking.

Prior to teaching, Ms. Steinberg directed community service in Boston.  She created city-wide educational and community programs involving neighborhoods, college students, senior adults, immigrants, children and families, and food pantries.  Ms. Steinberg received national and local awards. The programs she designed were models for similar programs throughout the country. (See résumé for a listing of awards.)

Additional Training

  • Orton-Gillingham
  • Structured Literacy
  • Writing Instruction and Note Taking
  • Reading and Vocabulary Development
  • Strategies for Studying, Test Taking and Organization

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