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Colleagues and Professors

I have been impressed by her professionalism, her support for the social and academic well being of our students, her creativity, her willingness to do whatever is necessary to help, and her collaberative and collegial work with our staff.
-Kevin Tracey, Principal
John Glenn Middle School

A specialist teacher, a consummate professional and a supportive team player, Rochelle made a positive and significant mark on our community. Her teaching resulted in significant gains on the part of her students. During her time here, classroom teachers and parents were effusive in complimenting her talent in helping each child gain in skills and confidence. She consistently bonded with her colleagues, parents and her students and made each child feel loved, gain confidence, and strive for improvement. Her families were grateful for her warmth, follow-through and skill. Professionally, Rochelle is organized, thorough and an exceptional communicator. She is a master in her field.

I have been a headmaster for 23 years and prior to that a public school principal in a middle school. Great teachers make a lasting and considerable difference in the lives of their students; such is the case with Rochelle.
-Stephen Hinds, Headmaster
Meadowbrook School

I am fortunate to have matched Ms. Steinberg as a tutor with a student in need of structured reading and writing.  During the pandemic, we had a number of students falter due to remote classrooms. Rochelle had a very positive influence with the student and family.  Ms. Steinberg's steady energy, exemplary lesson plans, IEP participation, and feedback turned this reluctant student into a learner.  Her reports were timely and detailed and became part of the student's record for other professionals to build upon.

I enthusiastically recommend Ms. Steinberg for any students with and without disabilities.
-Jeff Ferranti, Director of Student Services
Maynard Public Schools

Rochelle made quite a name for herself at Wheelock College because she designed and implemented a language arts unit on careers that resulted in one of her students receiving a scholarship from the Disney Corporation.  The scholarship was a tremendously successful culmination of her curriculum unit, because its impact is immeasurable and long lasting. This is only one example of the extra effort Rochelle puts into nearly everything she does.  Rochelle is a creative and passionate teacher and endearing person.  She has a strong work ethic and is an insatiable learner. Rochelle will be an asset to the children and families that she serves.
-Ms. Linda Banks-Santilli, Professor
Wheelock College

Ms. Steinberg not only expresses her own views well; she is also respectful of the views of others, a quality that is immensely important in teaching and learning.
-Terry Meir, Professor
Wheelock College

Ms. Steinberg's ability to assess and instruct children with a wide range of reading and writing difficulties with the METCO Summer School became a signature aspect of this years program. Rochelle was able to support our classroom teachers who ranged in experience from 25 years to 5 years of teaching experience in ways that were inclusive, engaging and unobtrusive. Children instructed by Ms. Steinberg made anywhere from 2 to 6 months progress during a four week period. Rochelle has made significant contributions as an educator and the quality of instruction she provides surpasses that provided by other teachers under my supervision.

I have had the pleasure of observing Ms. Steinberg's professional growth over the past eight years. My experience as a founding board member of the Smith Leadership Academy Charter School; principal of a Boston Public School; and my work in teacher preparation with the Graduate College of Education at UMASS gives me in depth insight as to the quality of educators needed in our schools to close the achievement gap for children with diverse learning needs and at risk students. Ms. Steinberg clearly has the knowledge, expertise, and heartfelt commitment to advance students' academic skills and successes. Our students were so lucky to have Ms. Steinberg on our Metco Summer School staff.
-Najwa Abdul Tawwab, Principal
Metco Summer School

Ms. Steinberg carefully plans each moment of her time with students.  Each activity is designed to build a solid foundation of skills.  Rochelle’s objectives are clear and progress is evident.  Her students are proud of their accomplishments.
-Jean Alpert, Primary School Coordinator
Meadowbrook School, Weston

During the school year, I teach fourth grade in Lexington, having taught in that community since 1965.  I have witnessed the warmth and joy in Ms. Steinberg’s manner when she relates to children, and have seen that same joy reflected in their faces.  She brings a tangible delight in life and in our world to all her encounters with children.

Ms. Steinberg exhibits great professionalism and commitment to fulfilling all her responsibilities.  She comes prepared with a wealth of enrichment lessons.  Her insights into students’ learning styles, motivations, and behavior issues are right on target.
-Jocelyn C. Hayes
Fourth Grade Teacher, Lexington

Rochelle Steinberg has a kind, nurturing and accepting manner.  She takes advantage of the “teachable moment,” using student comments and interests to formulate a lesson that is timely and related to the curriculum.  It was clear that she felt an immediate investment in her students.
-Linda Corbin, Principal
Hubert Kindergarten, Hudson

Rochelle is a thoughtful educator, always asking questions, which indicate a love of teaching, and a commitment to children. Due to her high level of intellectual engagement and performance in my class, she possesses enormous potential as an educator and doctorial student. She will warmly and enthusiastically greet her future students, families, and colleagues. Rochelle is a delightful educator and individual.
-Mary Ann Johnson, Professor
Wheelock College

As a teacher myself, I believe Rochelle makes a tremendous contribution to the next generation of leaders.  Her creativity, enthusiasm, and genuine concern for humanity instills in her students a love of learning, respect for themselves and others, self-confidence, and the academic foundation to achieve their dreams.
-Sandra L. Nager, Colleague

Ms. Rochelle Steinberg is a talented student who merits additional recognition for her commitment to excellence in spite of the challenges of juggled full time academic responsibilities and professional work.  Rochelle is poised to do further graduate studies and a doctorial program.
-Jane Anatucci, Professor
Wheelock College

Rochelle has proven herself to be a dedicated and knowledgeable individual and fine teacher.  She attended parent conferences and communicates regularly with classroom teachers in order to support her students.  The students all like her and her teaching skills are wonderful.  You can tell she cares about each student she sees.  I have had several parents contact me to tell me how pleased they are with Rochelle’s work with their children.  Not only has she made good progress with their reading skills, but she is an excellent communicator and parents feel that they understand how their child is faring.
-Elizabeth Nolan, Ph.D, Director of Student Support
Meadowbrook School, Weston

Ms. Steinberg turned an extremely challenging second grade classroom into a positive and successful learning environment for her students. Many of the students were performing below grade level, but due to her teaching style and dedication they soon were on grade level and made remarkable progress. As a result of Ms. Steinberg's exemplary language arts instruction one of her students won a partial college scholarship. Several of her students qualified for entrance to private schools. Her demeanor with students is calm, sincere, and positive. Her students respond to her kindness and sincere desire to promote their strengths.
-Roxanne Savenelli, Staff Developer
LCECC, Lawrence

Ms. Steinberg has a great sense of responsibility and determination, and when these qualities are blended with her creativity and intelligence, anything is possible. While I was unsuccessful at recruiting her for our graduate program, I managed to meet with Rochelle regularly over the years. In this way, I have felt a sense of vicarious gratification at how well her professional career has developed.

She is an extremely bright, creative, and energetic individual who will excel in whatever tasks she takes on.  Her work is outstanding.  She innovated three citywide programs that offered students and community members the opportunity to work with senior adults, immigrants, and food pantries. Each of Ms. Steinberg's programs had tremendous social value, provided a most valuable educational experience for the participants, and enriched the lives of the recipients.  The school or organization that employs Ms. Steinberg will undoubtedly benefit from the talents and sense of dedication of a unique individual.
-Dr. Bernard Reisman
Brandeis University, Waltham

Ms. Rochelle Steinberg is one of the top 5% of students I have taught in the last 25 years in the University of Massachusetts Business School at Amherst and Honors Program. My first experiences with Ms. Steinberg in my course on Organizational Management were a professor’s delight. She asked perceptive questions, stayed after class to delve into course content at a deeper level, and demonstrated her leadership skills during experiential exercises in class. As a student, Ms. Steinberg adds an element of excitement and energy to class. She does this through her passion for learning. Rochelle not only scored at the top on every examination, but she wrote an insightful and informative paper which showcased her strengths and areas of further development as a future leader. She is an unselfish learner, always supportive of the comments of others.

Ms. Rochelle Steinberg is not only an intellectually gifted person, but also she has the gift of emotional intelligence. She gets along well with people and is a talented listener and motivator. Rochelle is not only an educator and community worker on resume; she has education in her heart. As a teacher, she brings a passion for making a difference in the community and a belief in the power of education. She is open to new ideas and able to work with a wide range of individuals. She is a gift to have as a teacher and staff member. She will give more than she will receive during her continued professional studies and to her students and communities that follow.
-Robert Marx, Professor, Management
University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Ms. Steinberg has a very engaging and practical approach for children to learn basic word structure and then to write good sentences and paragraphs. Our daughter was struggling with reading and writing. When it came time for her to write a sentence or a paragraph she would take a very long time, getting quite frustrated and distracted. Ms. Steinberg worked with her and now she is much more confident in approaching her writing assignments. Once basic spelling and word recognition skills were added to my daughter's repetoire, Ms. Steinberg taught her outlining and organizational tools that helped make a long writing project more approachable.

On top of Ms. Steinberg's logical and progressive approach to writing, she brings a wonderful sense of humor and an encouraging personality. Now my daughter gets right down to business, easily able to know where to start and confident that the outcome will be good. She even joined the newspaper club, something she would never have considered before. We are so thankful that Ms. Steinberg came to work with our daughter, and strongly recommend her style of teaching.
-Parents, Lexington

My son is a senior and delayed his essay writing along with college applications. I contacted Ms. Steinberg and after one session, my son had an outline that was structured and worked well for him. While working with Ms. Steinberg, my son learned how to write. We'll continue to seek her thoughtful, educated help.
-Parent, Concord

Thank you for being a wonderful teacher to my son! You instantly recognized his learning style and by the end of one class with you, he was sound tapping, scooping syllables, marking vowels, and reading out loud to us at home! You thoughtfully created practice lessons that we could practice at home together. You taught us how to work with our son and we know it is your extra caring that made such a difference for our son's happiness, confidence, and learning.
-Parent, Maynard

Rochelle Steinberg is a remarkable teacher and reading and writing specialist for my son. She has provided him with the skills to be an enthusiastic reader and facile writer. These skills have given my son the opportunity to express his creative ideas in writing and strive to reach his potential. The academic confidence and personal growth my son has made in the past several years is stupendous and due, in large part, to Ms. Steinberg.

The journey for my son has been tremendous. My son no longer feels inadequate in school. Instead, he can now independently read, write, and edit his work in class because he learned specific strategies from Ms. Steinberg that he uses daily. Rochelle maintains the clearest line of communication between us so that I always understand the assignments and how my son is doing. She has provided me with the skills so that I can effectively assist my son with his assignments. Most important, my son can now ponder the thought of becoming whatever he chooses as a result of Ms. Steinberg's instruction.
-Parent, Acton

I am so grateful to Ms. Steinberg! She not only helped my daughter improve academically and encourage her talents and creativity, Ms. Steinberg educated me how to further help my daughter at home and in school. 1st quarter results are promising! Thank you for all your help!
-Parent, Arlington

Rochelle is an outstanding and dedicated teacher who takes a great interest in her students and achieves results. My son really enjoys working with Rochelle. Because of her efforts, we quickly saw progress and my son's confidence increased. Rochelle's sessions were fast paced, challenging, and fun. The multisensory lessons were well structured and consistent. While Rochelle always pushed my son forward, she would also review to make sure he had a strong foundation before introducing new material. We were fortunate to have met Rochelle as she provided great counsel to my husband and I. Any school or family would be lucky to have her as part of their team.
-Parents, Sudbury

As we sit to write you this letter we are at a lack of words to describe how much we appreciate all you’ve done for our son.  Reflecting back on this year, has shown us our son ’s vast improvement in school; For example, his dedication to his work, desire to study, punctuality of completing his work, and his love of reading are all vividly apparent.  You have impacted our life in one of the most positive manners any teacher could ever have done.  For that, you will always hold a special place in our hearts.
-Parents, Wayland, MA

We have found Ms. Steinberg to be a dedicated, intelligent, resourceful, and caring tutor.  After our daughter started to take classes with Ms. Steinberg, her reading improved immediately.  We believe Ms. Steinberg's training and commitment to our daughter's needs is the reason why her confidence, reading and grades are improved.  Ms. Steinberg has an amazing ability to make learning an enjoyable experience for students.
-Parents, Weston

It has been a special privilege to watch my grandson progress under Rochelle's wise guidance. It is clear my grandson likes working with Ms. Steinberg. Rochelle knows my grandson, understands what he needs, and believes totally in his potential. She encourages him and makes learning fun. I can't think of a better teacher. Rochelle has helped my grandson gain confidence in his reading, his learning, and his ability to express himself. All of this translates into a happier and much more confident child. Every opportunity is offered for all adults to participate and understand. I believe Rochelle has very special talents to offer children and their families.
-Grandparent, Lexington

I felt that my son was not reading and writing as well as I thought he could. After working with Ms. Steinberg, my son reads at a higher level and is a more proficient writer. Not only did my son benefit academically from his lessons with Ms. Steinberg, but also he developed his love of writing that led him to enter an essay contest of his own volition.
-Parent, Concord

Our daughter has undergone enormous growth in her reading skills due to the attention given to her by Ms. Steinberg during her tutoring sessions. Ms. Steinberg has gone above and beyond the call of being a dedicated teacher by providing our daughter with the lessons she needs, while instilling a love for reading and encouraging her passions.
-Parents, Carlisle

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